Apple TV+ has made behind the scenes of Season two of ‘Home Before Dark’ available to viewers. 

Home Before Dark

The show revolves around investigations of journalist Hilde Lisko, played by Brooklynn Prince, together with her dad Matthew Lisko, played by Jim Sturgess, unraveling mysterious events. For the new season, ‘Home Before Dark’ picks up where the first series left off, with the actors up against a corporation.

The video reveals an explosion which means a case to solve, and how they now go deeper into the secrets of the town Erie Harbor. It firstly involves Hilde on the trail of a child who’s missing, but recent happenings appear to be an issue linked to the environment. We can only find out as the story unfolds.

‘Home Before Dark’ Second Season starts streaming on Apple TV+ on June 11th, Friday. Service subscription costs $4.99 a month or under any of Apple One’s three tier packages.


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