iFixit reveals new Apple TV 4K and Siri Remote teardown video


iFixit has recently uploaded a new teardown video for the Apple TV 4K and the Siri Remote on its official YouTube channel.

Apple TV 4K and Siri Remote

The new Apple TV 4K was announced in the ‘Spring Loaded’ event in April. The company revealed a new Siri Remote as well as the A12 Bionic chip and a color balancing feature.

The video revealed how the Apple TV box opens up to a translucent covering, which allows the Siri remote’s infrared beams to pass through. They also noted the presence of a fan powered by metal contact pins. All in all, iFixit remarked how the teardown was ‘super easy’.

When the focus came to the Siri remote, the company had notable difficulties tearing down the product. An x-ray revealed a logic board and battery taking up most of the space. Two screws were supposed to be the only thing holding the remote’s case together, but after removing it the product was still intact.

The official teardown video can be viewed on iFixit’s YouTube channel.

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