Leak suggests Apple will reveal upgraded Apple TV 4K soon

Jon Prosser who is the maker of the Front Page Tech and also a well-known Apple leaker has given yet another leak for Apple TV lovers. His leaks have been accurate and it seems this time also it will be accurate.

According to the tweet he shared he said the Apple machine is now ready to ship. His exact tweet was like this:

Apple TV 4K

“New Apple TV 4K with A12X – 64GB/128GB ready to ship.”

His tweet also mentions the codename: Neptune T1125 for this upcoming model of Apple TV. He also said that it will be another one of those things that could come out at any time. 

He also added in his tweet that he will let the users know if or when Apple will give the date for the release. He also added.

“Who knows, maybe Apple can keep it a secret from me”

It is not a surprise that a new Apple TV is coming. Apple last updated the Apple TV Box in 2017. Since then there have been no hardware changes to the box. Prosser also tweeted in which he shared the design details of this new product. He said that he has images of the new product. It also has specifications on it. 

Prosser says that Apple will upgrade the chip. He said if Apple did not do so, people will not be happy. He also says that Apple will increase the built-in storage for this new Apple TV 4K. The storage will have double the capacity as compared to previous models.