Michaela Conlin to join in the second season of Apple TV+ ‘For All Mankind’

Michaela Conlin has been cast as Helena Webster in the upcoming second season of the hit Apple TV+ show ‘For All Mankind’.

Conlin’s persona, Helena Webster is a former pilot who became an astronaut in the series. Season two will largely focus on the aftermath of season one, set 10 years ahead and at a Cold War setting. The show tells the story of how the Russians beat the US in the space race in an alternate reality.

For All Mankind

Michaela Conlin is a Hollywood actress mostly known for her work in Bones as Angela Montenegro. She also appears in films such as ‘Enchanted’, ‘Pipe Dream’, and ‘The Disappointments Room’, as well as TV shows such as ‘Law & Order’, ‘The DA’ and ‘Here and Now’.

‘For All Mankind’ season two is set to premiere February 19th, 2021. Apple has already given the show the go ahead sign for a third season.