Mondo Launches ‘Severance’ Vinyl Soundtrack

Mondo, a company specializing in collectible products, recently announced the launch of Apple TV+ ‘Severance’ vinyl soundtrack.

The ‘Severance’ collectible vinyl soundtrack has two versions. The ‘Innie Edition’ includes artwork and soundtrack from the first season by Greg Ruth and Theodore Shapiro, respectively. The limited edition product comes with four character cards, a Lumon disco bag, a hidden map, a record safety card, and a Music Dance Experience card. The vinyl is stored in a themed folder.


The ‘Outie Edition’ has the first season soundtrack with white vinyl and comes with a ¾ reverse board slipcase and a gatefold sleeve. The first version is priced at $60 while the second version is priced at $35.

Mondo will host the vinyl soundtrack products on its official record shop website starting Wednesday, 12pm CT. Apple TV+ costs $6.99 a month and features original content such as ‘Severance’, ‘See’, and ‘Ted Lasso’.