Netflix Starts Offering Free Episodes in Line with Disney+ and Apple TV+ Launch

As Disney+ and Apple TV+ gets ready for a November launch, Netflix has a gimmick of its own- free episodes for non-subscribers.

Netflix is currently offering people the chance to see a new series called Bard of Blood. For a limited time, you can watch the first episode free of charge even if you’re not a subscriber. It isn’t the first time the streaming service has had this promotion, though. Before, it has offered free episodes of Columbia and Elite in Mexico.

Apple TV+ is set to be released November 1. As part of the launch, Apple is giving away 12 months’ worth of free Apple TV+ to those who buy an iPod Touch, Mac, Apple TV, iPad or iPhone. After that, they will be charged $4.99 per month or cancel at the Settings page. Canceling anytime during the period will forfeit the rest of the offer.

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