New Apple TV 4K remote doesn’t work with some tvOS games


The Siri remote that comes with new Apple TV 4K models do not have gyroscope or an accelerometer, thus making them incompatible with some games on tvOS.

Apple TV 4K Remote

Apple’s remote addressed issues with the 1st gen design and usability. However, it looks like the Cupertino-based company did not add hardware to support additional input functionalities.

Sensing systems such as the gyro and accelerometer are a key component in third party games. This could be a marketing push by Apple so Apple TV users will be forced to purchase dedicated game controllers.

Apple has recognized the problem and announced that users can plug in an MFi controller, Xbox or Playstation gamepad to play games that require the functionality.

Apple’s Apple TV 4K model has an A12 chip and can easily handle today’s games. It’s the same as with the iPad and the iPhone XR. The new Siri Remote comes with Apple TV 4K or can be bought separately for $59.


Samantha Wiley

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