New episodes for the Apple TV+ show ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ have been recently announced.

The Problem with Jon Stewart

‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ is an unscripted show where Stewart sits down with guests and discusses current national issues. The first, ‘The Problem with War’ hosted Denis McDonough, Secretary of Veterans Affairs and touched on topics of US war veterans and their health issues.

The Apple TV+ show debuted September 30 last year and quickly catapulted to the ‘most viewed’ series in the unscripted genre, ahead of Oprah’s ‘The Oprah Conversation’. Stewart recently said in an interview that it was more serious compared to ‘The Daily Show’, but countered that it was ‘maybe more complete.

Four new episodes are set to go live March 3, with each one debuting on a weekly basis. Stewart reveals that the topics will be about the media, race, climate and Wall Street. Accompanying podcasts will be produced along with the TV episodes.


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