New trailer for upcoming Apple TV+ special ‘Lucy’s School’ now live

A new teaser video for the upcoming ‘Peanuts’ special, ‘Lucy’s School’ has launched. It’s now available to watch on the official Apple TV+ channel.

‘Lucy’s School – Official Trailer’ is a minute and a half long and highlights an educator’s work. Apple says it’s a ‘love letter’ to teachers and how impactful they are to a child. It’s the latest to arrive on the ‘Peanuts’ back-to-school specials and will be joining several seasonal shows, including ‘To Mom (and Dad), with Love’ and ‘For Auld Lang Syne’.

Lucy’s School

‘Lucy’s School’ tells the story of how Lucy started her own school to ease the anxiety of the Peanuts gang returning to school in fall. Apple TV+ will be gaining not just one, but two ‘Peanuts’ content on August 12. The first is ‘Lucy’s School’, and the second is season 2 of ‘The Snoopy Show’. 

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month and goes with any Apple One subscription tier bundle.