Official podcast of ‘For All Mankind’ launches February 19

Apple has recently uploaded a teaser video of its upcoming official podcast for ‘For All Mankind’.

The podcast will have the crew of ‘For All Mankind’, as well as space experts and astronauts to discuss the Apple TV+ show and the science that goes behind exploration in space. Krys Marshal will be the podcast’s host and will be joined by the series’ cast.

For All Mankind

To get an idea of the topics in the podcast you can watch the official trailer video on Apple TV+ YouTube channel.

The official ‘For All Mankind’ podcast will launch February 19, 2021 which is also the start of season two. ‘For All Mankind’ tells the ‘what if’ story on how the space race never ended, with Russia and US taking opposite sides in a moon war conflict.

A new AR app called ‘For All Mankind: Time Capsule’ has also been created to serve as a companion for fans. Fans can explore the relationship between Tracy and Gordo as well as Danny Stevens and his parents in the app.