Apple has recently uploaded a teaser video of its upcoming dinosaur series ‘Prehistoric Planet’.

Prehistoric Planet

The Apple TV+ show will have five episodes in total and will debut starting May 23 until the 27th. Each day, a new episode will be revealed on Apple TV+ and highlights dinosaurs as they lived millions of years before.

‘Prehistoric Planet’ is a collaboration between Apple and the BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit. The group is largely responsible for ‘Planet Earth’, a documentary about life on our planet. The show will be executively produced by Mike Gunton and John Favreau, and will have music by Hans Zimmer as well as narration by Sir David Attenborough.

Apple secured the rights to ‘Prehistoric Planet’ in 2019, and it took two years for the series to appear on its streaming platform. The teaser video is available to watch on the official Apple TV+ YouTube channel.

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month and features original content.


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