Official ‘Ted Lasso’ merchandise launching soon


Fans of the hit Apple TV+ show ‘Ted Lasso’ will now be able to buy official licensed merchandise soon.

Ted Lasso

Demand for ‘Ted Lasso’ memorabilia began when the show rose in popularity. People wanted to buy jerseys used by the fictional England soccer team but it fell on deaf ears as season one ended.

Then on season two it seems that their prayers were met. Potential merchandise for the Apple TV+ series surfaced in the podcast titled ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends’.

It’s reported that the first round of items will be launched by June. Furthermore, Bill Lawrence mentioned that jerseys should be available to purchase come September this year.

Merchandise delay was partly due to Apple not expecting the show to be a hit. Plus, there was a legal requirement they had to meet since its trademark is split by Apple, Warner Bros and NBC.

Season 2 of Ted Lasso is expected to launch July 23 on Apple’s streaming platform.

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