Original podcast ‘Wild Things: Siegfried and Roy’ to arrive on Apple TV+

Apple is preparing to launch its second original podcast show, titled ‘Wild Things: Siegfried and Roy’ on Apple TV+.

‘Wild Things’ follows the famous illusionists as they describe their acts and explain the tricks behind them. Narration will be done by Steven Leckart, a filmmaker and journalist. The podcast will be available to listen to starting January 12 next year.

Apple mentioned that ‘Wild Things’ is an exclusive look into the private lives and story behind the illusionists’ personas. Leckart will go behind the scenes and uncover truths on the pair as they experience media and animal welfare advocate backlash.

‘Wild Things’ and the first original podcast ‘Hooked’ will appear as an RSS feed and can be accessed using any podcast platform. It’s available to everyone who’s interested, even those that do not have an Apple TV+ subscription or login.

The first two episodes of ‘Wild Things’ will launch January 12, 2022, with more coming out every Wednesday.

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