Original store location for ‘Ghostwriter’ saved from closing

The James Street Bookseller & Gallery in Ontario was about to go out of business before Apple TV+ made it their location for ‘Ghostwriter’. Traffic work had all but reduced footfall, but as luck would have it a location scout chose the site for its new kid’s mystery show, ‘Ghostwriter’.

A Hamilton Spectator reporter told how a man from Sinking Ship Entertainment walked into the bookstore one day and said he was looking for a ‘Grandpa’s bookstore’ type for a TV show. When the green light was given Apple began filming ‘Ghostwriter’, which went live November of 2019. Then, word spread out that the bookstore was the location of the series, and people started coming into the store and posting about it on social media. It was a favorite spot for those who wanted to upload content on Instagram.

Original Store Location for 'Ghostwriter' Saved From Closing

‘Ghostwriter’ was among the first content that was shown on Apple TV+, along with ‘See’, ‘The Morning Show’ and ‘For All Mankind’.