You can now watch live TV and more when you access your Plex account.

Plex Offers Live TV

Plex is now offering free content in the form of live TV, shows, movies, and more on a wide variety of platforms. The service is ad-supported, worldwide and has more than 80 channels on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Android, and the web. Furthermore, you won’t need a digital antenna, tuner or additional hardware to get started. 

Plex live TV

Plex is an alternative service for those who want to watch TV without cable. Before, an antenna and compatible tuner were needed to access it but now the company has made it easier to watch TV in just a few steps.

Those interested can sign up and register, then watch ad-supported content, including music, podcasts, shows and movies via pre-programmed live TV on Plex’s official website. To gain access to programming from major TV networks you will need a Plex Pass, the necessary hardware and run the Plex setup wizard.

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