Rights to the documentary ‘The Velvet Underground’ acquired by Apple


‘The Velvet Underground’ a documentary by Todd Haynes has been snapped up by Apple.

The Velvet Underground

Haynes’ work follows the band known as ‘The Velvet Underground’, which was managed at one point by Andy Warhol, with Lou Reed at the helm.


The Velvet Underground’s claim to fame was that they were considered the house band at Warhol’s studio, the Factory, which became known as a party venue and a place where artists hung out.

The documentary features new recordings and performances, in-depth interviews, experimental art and Warhol films from key figures.

In the description it’s said that the band ‘changed the world of music’ and became one of the most revered rock bands in history.

‘The Velvet Underground’ does not have a release date yet, but it will be most likely premier on Apple TV+. It joins other documentaries like ‘Boys State’, ‘The Elephant Queen’, ‘Fireball- Visitors from Darker Worlds’, ‘Dads’ and ‘Beastie Boys Story’.

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