Apple revealed a teaser trailer for the second season of ‘The Snoopy Show’ ahead of its release on Apple TV+.

The Snoopy Show

The Snoopy Show – Season 2 official trailer is now available to watch on the official Apple TV channel. The video is about a minute long and features Peanuts characters Lucy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock and Linus, among others.

The second season series will have 6 episodes total, and all of them will be available on the Apple TV+ platform when it goes live on March 11. Apple will be showing a collection of ‘Charlie Brown’ specials, which include ‘It’s Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown’, ‘You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown’ and ‘Charlie Brown’s All Stars!’ All of them were created as part of a collaborative effort between Wildbrain and Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ is a streaming service that offers original content. It’s priced at $4.99 a month and features shows and movies such as ‘Finch’, ‘Servant’ and ‘Ted Lasso’, among others.


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