Apple TV+ ‘See’ was one of the first TV shows on the streaming platform when it launched in November 2019. The series’ showrunner, Jonathan Tropper has recently inked a 3-year deal with Apple to continue producing new episodes.

Jonathan Topper

The show’s first season launched in 2019 and had mixed reviews from viewers and critics. However, it was renewed for a second season, and then a third in 2021. Currently, season three is still undergoing production and it’s not clear if Tropper is on board finishing it or working on a season four.

Tropper’s contract is a 3-year extension, which was originally given in 2019. Part of the deal involves Tropper creating other projects for the Cupertino-based company. At this point the projects are yet to be announced but they will be produced through Tropper Ink.

‘See’ is available to watch on Apple TV+, and stars Alfre Woodard and Jason Momoa. It’s written and created by Steven Knight.


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