‘Shantaram’ gets un-delayed, and gets a new showrunner


‘Shantaram’, a series that’s derived from a novel by Gregory David Roberts’ will be continuing production under the guidance of a new showrunner.


Steven Lightfoot will be replacing Eric Warren Singer who exited the project. The delay was further exacerbated when the corona virus hit and the world was put in a grinding halt.

Steven Lightfoot is known for his work in ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Hannibal’ in Netflix and NBC respectively. He will be behind the production of the novel adaptation as part of a contract deal with Apple.

‘Shantaram’ stars Charlie Hunnam and tells the story of a former bank robber who tries to begin life anew by moving to the Mumbai slums. It’s one of the many novel-to-series adaptations Apple is porting over to its streaming platform. Others include ‘Echo 3’, ‘Defending Jacob’ and ‘Cherry’.

Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming platform and features original content, including ‘For All Mankind’, ‘Servant’ and ‘Greyhound’, among others.


Samantha Wiley

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