‘Still Up’ Comedy series appearing on Apple TV+

A new comedy show titled ‘Still Up’ will be appearing on Apple TV+ on September 22.

‘Still Up’ tells the story of a pair of insomniacs who hide their feelings for each other. The show joins other comedic content on the Apple TV+ platform such as ‘Trying’, ‘Shrinking’, and ‘Ted Lasso’, among others. ‘Still Up’ stars Craig Roberts and Antonia Thomas as Danny and Lisa, respectively. Roberts is known for his role in ‘Submarine’ and ‘Red Oaks’, while Thomas is known for her role in ‘The Good Doctor’ and ‘Lovesick’.

Still Up

Other stars joining the show include Lois Chimimba, Blake Harrison, Rich Fulter, and Luke Fetherston. Steve Burge and Natalie Walter serve as writers and co-creators, while John Addis of ‘Lucky Break’ fame serves as the director. Various Artists Limited, along with Paul Schlesinger and Phil Clarke serve as executive producers, while Arabella McGuigan serves as producer.

Apple TV+ costs $6.99 a month and features original content.