Streaming service Netflix has brought its ad-supported tier to the Apple TV.


Netflix subscribers can now opt in to get the cheapest plan and watch movies and TV shows on their Apple TV devices. The option to get the ad-supported plan finally came to the set top box approximately four months after it launched. Netflix mentioned that the plan will ‘coom soon’ and limited the subscription to just Basic, Standard, and Premium.

‘Basic with Ads’ now appears on the Netflix app on Apple TV, and Reddit users confirmed this is the case on tvOS. The main difference between the ad-supported plan compared to the rest is that it’s lower and comes with ads that appear now and then. It’s similar to non-premium YouTube subscribers, with five-minute ads total appearing every hour.

Netflix’s ‘Basic with Ads’ is the lowest-priced plan at $6.99 per month, which is $3 less than the Basic at $9.99.


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