‘Ted Lasso’ cheering billboards appear in several US cities

Themed billboards from the ‘Ted Lasso’ series have appeared in US cities, offering words of encouragement to members of the US Men’s National Soccer Team.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar and start on November 20 until December 18. Apple has put up billboards ahead of the event from the fictional character Ted Lasso.

Ted Lasso

The messages have been spotted in New Jersey, Bergen County, California, Pico Rivera, Seattle, and San Diego. The places are the coach and player hometowns of the US Men’s National Soccer Team. The USMNT has also taken to social media to post the billboards, and others soon followed.

‘Ted Lasso’ is an Apple original series that tells the story of a US football coach who was recruited by an English soccer team. To date, it’s one of the most popular shows on the Apple streaming platform. Apple TV+ costs $6.99 a month.