The Apple TV HD with Siri Remote is $24 Off

Need a good, quality streaming device that puts out high definition streams and is compatible with your Apple devices? You’ll want the 2021 Apple TV HD with Siri Remote. Today, the 5th gen, 32GB variant is down to just $125 from its original price of $150 on Amazon.

Apple’s 2021 version of Apple TV HD puts out a decent HD stream and has that 7.1 Dolby surround sound that pairs really well with blockbuster movies and good headphones or speakers. At a lower price, you get the new Siri remote that has trackpad technology and voice assistance.

With friends over, you can activate AirPlay to share videos, photos and more from your Mac, iPad or iPhone. You can also monitor events from your HomeKit-supported cameras and control smart home accessories on your TV.

$24 off is a lot for a streaming device that fits well with your Apple devices. Make sure to get yours before the deal ends!

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