Three new children’s shows to arrive on Apple TV+

Apple’s streaming platform will not have just one, but three new children’s shows, and all of them are set to appear in the fall.

‘Wolfboy and the Everything Factory’ is an animated series created by Toff Mazery and Edward Jesse, with Joseph Gordon Levitt being the executive producer. It’s set to arrive September 24 and will have 10 episodes overall. The official trailer is available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

‘Get Rolling with Otis’ is a show that revolves around a friendly tractor and is an adaptation of a children’s book series with the same name. It’s set to go live on Apple TV+ come October 8.

‘Puppy Place’ tells the story of a family that adopts young dogs and is of the live-action genre. The show will start streaming on October 15.

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 a month and features Apple exclusives such as ‘Mr Corman’, ‘See’ and ‘Ted Lasso’, among others.

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