A deal between AMC Theaters and Universal will lead to new movies being released in online platforms earlier than usual.

Universal Movies

New movie releases from Universal Movies will be released just 17 days after it shows up in theaters on iTunes and Apple TV, which means those who want to watch it can just wait two and a half weeks instead of 75 days.

Universal Movies has been releasing movies digitally with great success. Their latest, ‘Trolls World Tour’ garnered an impressive $100 million in just 3 weeks. With COVID-19 shutting down theaters, AMC stipulated that they won’t be releasing Universal Movies films if they kept with the digital releases.

An agreement was reached between the two companies, with the 17-day window being the result.

AMC and other theaters have delayed releases due to the pandemic, including titles such as ‘Mulan’, ‘The Quiet Place 2’, ‘Tenet’ and others. The transition to digital may be the only way these companies can continue.


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