Users experience issues on Apple TV 3 while viewing YouTube content

Several Apple TV 3 owners reported several issues while viewing certain content on YouTube. Hundreds of users have complained about this issue on YouTube’s Help Center and Apple’s support forums.

The users who are facing issues report that they face issues while accessing certain content on YouTube. The users report that they are facing issues with music videos, and they report that when they try and view the content an error message appears on the screen.

Apple TV

The error message that is displayed, reads: 

“An error occurred loading this content. Try again later.”

Also, some users say that Apple and Google are blaming each other for this error. According to the reports, the problem began two weeks ago. 

One user said that when he contacted Apple customer service center, the reply came, “issue is caused by Google.” Even with so many issues and reports, Google has not addressed the problem. The users have been registering complaints for the past two weeks and there has been no response from Google (owner of YouTube). 

The users also report that they try and fix the issue by restarting the device, clearing cookies, even factory resetting Apple TV.