Verizon cable service now open to Apple TV


Verizon is now opening up its Verizon TV Home app to smart devices, including the Apple TV for a monthly fee.

Apple TV

Those interested can now add cable service on their Apple TVs and watch Fios streaming content beginning July 22 and with a monthly fee of $20 a month.

Verizon explained the app initiative in detail and mentioned that the Fios TV Home app will be available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. Digital distribution is now the preferred way of streaming as opposed to a cable box connected to a TV.

Apple TV owners can now access the app and watch on the big screen without needing to get a cable box. However, the company deems that a Fios TV box is still required for streaming content, even when two free streams are attached to the $20 monthly subscription. Those who don’t want Fios can look to YouTube TV or Sling as an alternative.


Samantha Wiley

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