‘Where’s Wanda?’ to arrive on Apple TV+

‘Where’s Wanda?’ will be the first German-language content on the streaming platform.

Apple TV+ will be having ‘Where’s Wanda?’ as part of bolstering its available shows and to comply with TV production quotas in Europe. The dark comedy series tells the story of a family looking for their missing daughter.

Where’s Wanda?

Apple’s description read that the family ‘is taking matters into their own hands’ after waiting for their missing daughter for several months.’ Dedo, the father will be played by Axel Stein while Carlotta, the mother will be played by Heike Makatsch. The daughter Wanda will be played by Lea Drinda. Wanda’s brother Ole, played by Leo Simon helps out using his tech-savvy skills.

‘Where’s Wanda?’ is based on Zoltan Spirandelli’s story and directed by Christian Ditter and Tobi Baumann. The show is written by Oliver Lansley. The show does not have a release date yet but it’s expected to be revealed soon.