YouTube 4K support on tvOS 14 goes live

4K support on YouTube for tvOS 14 is finally here. 4K resolution on supported YouTube videos was supposed to be a feature on the latest tvOS, but for some reason, it was not included. Now, it has gone live along with the Picture in Picture fix for iOS 14.0.1.

Users are now starting to see the 4K option on some YouTube videos on Apple TV for both public release and the 14.2 public beta. However, this does not apply to everyone and is probably an update on YouTube’s end.

YouTube 4K

There were still limitations on quality and frame rates. For example, videos in 60 and 50 fps will default to 1440p resolution, while 4K videos are viewable only in 30 fps. HDR still remains unavailable.

Apple has yet to announce if 4K on 60 fps and HDR are features that will come with future Apple TV hardware or if it would come in at a later time as an update.