Apple could sponsor United Airlines’ SFO terminal spruce up

Corporate companies spend huge amounts of money on transportation especially air flights as employees have to constantly move from one country to another or from one city to another. In the case of Apple, United Airlines is the goto service that the company relies on for all its flight based transportation.

Apple reportedly pays United Airlines around $150 million per year for its flight services. It makes the Cupertino based company (Apple) the largest customer of United Airlines. Other major users of the same are Google, Oracle, etc but they don’t spend more than $50 million per year.

Apple could sponsor United Airlines’ SFO terminal spruce up

Sprucing things up

The United Airlines’ San Francisco terminal is reportedly in need of a revamp and Apple being its largest customer, is reportedly considering helping the airlines. To keep the terminal up and ready for Apple’s transportation needs, sprucing up is reportedly needed. 

Apple requires 50 business class seats daily from San Francisco (SF) to Shanghai (PVG), as the company’s manufacturing plant is based in China. The SF-PVG flights contributes the highest to Apple’s spending. Apple also sends many of its employees to other locations where its manufacturing plants or assembly plants are located. 

The SF-PVG flights reportedly cost around $35 million per year for Apple. Flights to other top destinations like Hong Kong, London, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore costs Apple a whopping $115 million (approximately).

All the data mentioned above is supposed to be confidential but earlier this year, United Airlines published it to the public by mistake. However, the deal between Apple and United Airlines to improve the SFO terminal is still under consideration and planning. It’s unclear as of yet whether Apple will go ahead with the plan or move to a different airline company.

Regarding the wrongful publishing of the data related to Apple, United Airlines is reportedly reviewing the internal-sharing process.