Apple recently gave developers full access to the expanded price point ranges for App Store purchases.

App Store

In December, Apple launched updated pricing options and limited them to auto-renew subscriptions. The Cupertino-based company mentioned that it will expand to in-app and app purchases in 2023. Now, it seems that Apple kept true to its word and unlocked the pricing changes on other purchases.

Apple now has 900-plus price points, with the highest tiers available upon request. The lowest sits at 29 cents while the highest is set at $9,999.99 in the US. With these changes, App Store developers will have more granular options for setting prices on their apps.

Globally equalized pricing will shortly follow in pricing conventions in each region, alongside worldwide base price options. Starting March 9, Apple will also update existing app pricing and in-app purchases across 175 storefronts around the globe using an exchange rate that’s publicly available.


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