Apple unveils global store remodeling plan

Bloomberg shared Apple’s plan to revitalize its retail locations across the globe.

Apple is reportedly pushing into China more aggressively and targeting London and Paris as potential new store locations. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to open five new stores in the Middle East and Europe, four locations in Canada and the US, and 15 retail shops in the Asia-Pacific region.


As for its renovation efforts, Apple will be relocating or reworking nine Europe stores, six Asia stores, and 13 North America stores. The total count of new and revamped locations will total 53, and the plan has been mapped out to be completed in four years.

Along the way, Apple will be making its presence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and India. New stores at the Opera shopping location in Paris, at the Grand Front Plaza in Japan, and at the Jing’an Temple Plaza in China. As per the report, Apple is still in the discussion phase and nothing has been set in stone yet.