A new, limited edition Studio3 Beats headphones will be offered soon and carry a price tag of $349.95 in the US.

Beats Studio3 Headphones

Apple, in partnership with Samuel Ross’ A-COLD-WALL brand has made a slate-colored Beats Studio3 headphones that sports a ‘speckled cement’ finish on the outer headband and headphones. The headband has an ACW logo and A-COLD-WALL branding on the inside. Even the included carrying case has the ACW branding.

The limited edition headphones will be arriving on US shores ‘soon’ and will be listed at the Apple Store online.

Beats Studio3 was first released in 2017 and had several limited edition designs throughout its product cycle. The over-ear headphones has Apple’s W1 chip, an impressive 22 hour battery on a single full charge, a foldable design, active noise cancellation and more. The 4-year old Beats branded headphones uses somewhat outdated Bluetooth 4.0 technology and micro USB for charging.


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