Apple unveils new tvOS 16 features

Apple today released a new Apple TV 4K product, along with teasers of the upcoming tvOS 16.

tvOS 16 is set to be released this year with several Siri enhancements. The Siri section will be more compact and allow users to view results at the bottom corner. Voice recognition gets a boost, with up to six members profiled and tailored with custom recommendations.

New tvOS 16 Features

Users can say ‘Hey Siri’ and have the device respond, even while they’re using AirPods. Finally, tvOS Siri support will expand to several other regions, including Singapore, Luxembourg, and Denmark. Just recently, South Africa, Finland, and Chile received Siri support.

tvOS 16.1 users already saw the AirPods Siri support in the Release Candidate, and this proves that the feature is expected to come with the official tvOS 16.1 update. The new Apple TV 4K device starts at $129 and houses a new A15 Bionic chip.