Apple to release updated iPad Pros in April

Apple is planning to update the iPad Pro in April, reports Bloomberg. The company is expected to include newer chips, improved cameras, and a new display technology in one of the iPad Pro versions. The 11” iPad Pro and the 12.9” iPad Pro were last updated in 2020 with the A12Z chip replacing the previous gen A12X chip.

The new iPad Pros are believed to be powered by new chips which will be as powerful as the M1 chip found in some of the new Mac models. Apple announced last year that the Mac would transition to its own silicon (Apple Silicon) over the course of two years. The transition began when the company released the first batch of Mac products powered by the first Apple Silicon chip – M1.

iPad Pro Models

Last year, Apple also introduced the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro which was later made to work with the new iPad Air as well. The company is trying to bridge the gap between the iPad and the Mac. The iPad now has a keyboard and a trackpad with the Magic Keyboard which makes it almost a laptop except for ofcourse the desktop grade apps library.

The upcoming 12.9” iPad Pro will reportedly use a new display technology. According to Bloomberg, the 12.9” iPad Pro will have a Mini LED screen which will be brighter, offer higher contrast ratio, and it will also not suffer from burn-in issues that OLED display panels suffer from. The current generation iPad Pro models use LCD display panels; while the quality is top notch, they are no match to OLED panels or Mini LED panels in terms of brightness and contrast ratios.

Apple was previously rumoured to be planning to hold an event in March to unveil the updated iPad Pro models. However, newer reports from such as Bloomberg suggest an April release for the iPad Pro.