New software versions for the HomePod and Apple TV are now available to download.

HomePod and Apple TV

Apple’s HomePod 16.3.1 and tvOS 16.3.1 have been released today, coming several weeks after the launch of HomePod and tvOS 16.3. The new HomePod software iterates stability and general performance improvements, while tvOS 16.3.1 does not have any release notes yet.

HomePod owners can get the newest update by having the smart speaker connected to the internet. It’s done automatically unless the user decides to turn off the feature. For manual updates, users can download HomePod 16.3.1 through the Home app. Apple TV owners can also have their operating system automatically updated, or go the manual route by heading to System, then under the Software Update section.

HomePod and Apple TV owners can try to get the update today as it’s done on a rolling OTA basis.


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