Apple updates web content, shows why businesses should choose Mac


Apple has recently added new content on its webpage, notably its article titled ‘11 Reasons Why Business Users Should Choose Mac’.


The page highlights the hardware benefits for an enterprise or business environment, including better security, battery life and performance. The new M1 chip is in both reason #1 and #2 for the reason that ‘it’s that powerful’.

The listicle-type content puts out longer battery life, easy device management, lower operating costs and built-in security. Apple touts that the world’s top businesses such as Target, SAP and Salesforce rely on the Mac.

Alongside the content Apple has outed an overview for its M1 chip, with details on how it’s faster on web app, Excel and makes battery life more efficient on Zoom meetings.

Earlier this year Apple published a ‘Why Mac’ webpage that’s focused on consumers, giving readers a detailed overview of the machine’s features. Both pages are available to view on the official Apple website.

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