Apple is using Ultra Wide-band (UWB) technology to improve the connectivity between its devices. The company is using the technology to play music on the HomePod by just bringing an iPhone close to it. The iPhone 11 series were the first to use the technology to improve the experience of using AirDrop.

Apple boosted UWB tech; Samsung & Xiaomi follow

According to the information obtained by AppleInsider, other tech companies (apart from Apple) are also considering using UWB in their products. Apple competitors like Xiaomi and Samsung have already released products with the same technology in some of their flagship smartphones.

UWB is not a new technology but is almost two decades old. It was primarily used in the fields of military and for medical purposes. Very little was done to use the UWB technology in consumer products. However, Apple’s use of the technology in their products has made it popular now.

Apple boosted UWB tech; Samsung & Xiaomi follow
Improved AirDrop experience

In 2019, Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 series which supported the UWB technology for improved AirDrop experience. Apple stated that uses could just point their iPhone at the receiving Apple device to quickly make a connection.

Apple also introduced Car Key technology on some of their products. Users will now be able to use their iPhone (or any other supported product) to unlock supported cars. Previously, the older implementation required users to bring their device very close to the car as it relied on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra last year which packs the UWB technology. The South Korean giant has said that users can use the technology to share files faster and also can use their Note 20 Ultra to quickly unlock smart door locks with ease. The Samsung Galaxy Flip 2 also packs the UWB technology which can be used for the same purposes as the Note 20 Ultra.


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