Apple Video Ad Urges iPhone Users To Do One Last Great Thing [Video]


Trading in your smartphone is a responsible, sustainable thing to do. For this reason, Apple is imploring its users to “do one last thing” with their iPhones. The act, of course is to trade in their old iPhones so it can be reused, refurbished or recycled responsibly.

Apple Trade In

Apple Trade In Video

The minute-long video stresses the importance of trading in devices to be recycled in a respectful way in regards to nature and our environment. The tech giant continues its effort to promote trade-in programs through retail stores and at Its latest marketing promo is a lower monthly price for new iPhone models when you trade in your older device. Trading your phone for cash is also an option.

Apple has stated a rise in iPhone trade-ins during their Q2 2019 earning report. The firm has turned to this marketing model as a way to counteract sluggish upgrade numbers.


Haider Ali Khan

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