Apple Vision Pro might have three battery models

Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset will feature three battery models, according to a software update support.

The Vision Pro recently launched a back-end for the Vision Pro for future firmware updates. With it were details regarding the Vision Pro’s battery kit, specifically the firmware version required for a combination of hardware. The firmware suggested two other battery models, namely A2697 and A2988 along with A2781, which could mean three distinct hardware for the headset. It’s also believed that the three model types could mean different battery capacities.

Apple Vision Pro

During this year’s WWDC Apple mentioned that the Pro Vision battery will not be easily removable. A USB-C in the device implies that the battery will be charged while inside the Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro was unveiled during the WWDC 2023 and is the first notable mixed reality product. It’s set to release in 2024 with a $3,500 price tag.