Apple Vows Better Transparency Regarding Battery Performance And Health in The UK

iPhone users will now get notified if iOS updates may affect their device’s performance. In a pledge submitted by Apple to the Competition and Markets Authority, iPhone users will get full disclosure towards future iOS updates and if it can affect their phone’s performance and battery health.

The Cupertino-based firm has also promised to share clear and comprehensible details regarding performance management systems, unexpected shutdowns and their lithium-ion battery on its website.

In 2018, the UK Competition & Markets Authority began investigating reports that the company started throttling older model iPhones in regards to battery life with newer iOS updates starting with iOS 10.2.1. Aside from providing bug fixes and performance improvements, the company added a performance management system that slowed down iPhones with old batteries.

In response, Apple added the Peak Performance option on the iOS 11.3 update to circumvent the throttling issues, a Battery Health menu and lowered prices on their iPhone replacement batteries.

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