Apple wallet COVID vaccination proof now available in LA county

Los Angeles county residents who have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine can now register it as a digital proof and store it in their Apple Wallet.

The county has partnered up with Healthvana, a patient platform that delivers coronavirus test results to users. The record will serve as a reminder for those who have been vaccinated to get a second shot. Furthermore, the digital proof can be used to acces concerts, flights and more.


LA vaccine preventable disease control director Claire Jarashow says that the county is concerned and wishes for everyone to get the 2nd dose. Also, Jarashow mentioned that they do not have the resources to remind people to get their second COVID-19 vaccination.

Data regarding the vaccinations are stored in HIPAA-compliant servers on Amazon. The county already has done more than 38,000 shots of the COVID-19 vaccine to paramedics, long-term care facility residents and health care providers as of the 22nd of December.