Apple Wallet will soon support Disney MagicMobile services

iPhone owners and Disney enthusiasts will be able to access MagicBand services using the MagicMobile service in Apple Wallet soon.

In 2013 Disney launched MagicBand, an RFID bracelet that holds data such as FastPass ride reservations, park tickets, coupons, hotel room keys, payment information and more. The MagicMobile, a feature which will appear on Apple Wallet will offer the same access.

iPhone users can download the My Disney Experience app to get a MagicMobile pass. Once integrated into the Apple Wallet the user will be able to use his or her Apple Watch and iPhone as a pseudo-MagicBand.

The mechanics of MagicMobile has yet to be explained, and it’s unclear whether it will be introduced for the Apple Watch or if the iPhone needs to be unlocked first. Disney has made the feature available on iOS first, with an Android launch imminent.

Disney is planning to release accessories, including Apple Watch bands, wireless chargers, iPhone cases and AirPods and AirPods Pro cases in partnership with Casetify.

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