Apple warns against hydrogen peroxide as cleaning solution

Apple has recently updated its support document to mention that customers should not be using hydrogen peroxide to clean their Apple products.

In the document titled ‘How to clean your Apple products’, the Cupertino-based company has edited its recommendations to ethyl alcohol, more specifically wipes that have 75% ethyl alcohol. Bleach and hydrogen peroxide are not recommended for cleaning iPads, iPhones and other devices.


Apple iterates that solvent use on a screen can result in oleophobic coating damage, and when this happens further care is required. Also, Apple mentions that to avoid moisture from getting to users’ Apple devices they should not submerge their products in cleaning solutions and agents.

The update can now be viewed by going to the official Apple website and to the support documents. It has been slightly changed during the pandemic to guide its customers on how to properly care for their Apple products and devices.