A recent filing of a new Apple Watch model has added more weight to the rumour that the company would update the watch at its September event. Apple is expected to stick to its traditional iPhone launch cycle next month and it wouldn’t be surprised to see a new watch alongside.

Apple Watch

However, it’s unclear as to whether the company will launch a completely revamped watch or it would be a minor upgrade. Several reports by noted Apple analysts point to a redesigned Apple Watch is 2020 and if that’s the case then this year we’ll see Apple Watch 4.5 (small upgrade). 

Brighter microLED Displays

Apple Watch Smart Watch

The next major upgrade to the Apple Watch is expected to pack a microLED display which will supposedly be much brighter, slimmer and more energy efficient. It will enable Apple to pack a much larger battery while reducing the battery usage; in-turn significantly improving the overall battery life of the watch.

One of the most widely used features on other smartwatches and fitness bands missing from Apple Watch is sleep-tracking. Apple Watch is designed as a device that has to be charged at the end of the day i.e at night when the users tend to sleep. However, if Apple can make the battery last for days on a single charge, then it would be the perfect time for the company to implement the sleep-tracking feature.

Camera for FaceID and video calling?

Apple Watch Camera

One other interesting feature Apple filed recently was the use of camera on the Apple Watch. If in the future the company decides to add a camera, it could be possibly used for FaceID, brining all Apple devices use the same authentication mode (maybe Macs soon as well). However, the filing of a report never means that the feature will make it into the product anytime soon or sometimes “ever”.

So will we see a revamped Apple Watch next month? Well, we can’t comment on that but if we go by the reports, we expect Apple to launch a under-the-hood upgraded watch next month without any major upgrades.


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