Apple Watch Series 7 could measure blood glucose levels


The next generation Apple Watch may have various health monitoring technologies, suggests a latest report from 91mobiles. The smartwatch could have the hardware needed to measure blood glucose, blood pressure, and alcohol levels. Also, an SEC filing by Rockley Photonics, an UK based startup specializing in healthcare monitoring sensors, has revealed its connection with Apple.

Apple Watch

Apple is a customer of the United Kingdom based startup, reports the Australian blog Micky. The company could be looking forward to making further feature additions to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch already has several healthcare monitoring tools which are not totally accurate but it’s there if required for slightly accurate results.

New therapeutic sensors could be used

The new sensors in the next generation Apple Watch could use therapeutic or technoscientific equipment, reports Micky. The UK based startup Rockley Photonics is known for making sensors that observe lifeblood using infrared radiation. If Apple does succeed in making such additions to its smartwatch at an affordable price, it could be a major success for the company.

It has been reported that Apple is one of the largest customers of the UK based healthcare monitoring company. The CEO of the company Rockley Photonics, Andrew Rickman has said that he expects the technologies being discussed by the company to be available for general purpose use by 2022. As expected, Rickman did not comment on whether upcoming Apple products will use its technology or not.

At the moment, the current generation Apple Watch models have sensors that are capable of measuring heart rate. If the company is able to expand by adding new sensors which are capable of measuring blood glucose levels and blood pressure to the Apple Watch, it would be a gamechanger.

Apple now sells the regular Apple Watch Series 6 at $399 (USD). However, it also sells the lower specced version, the Apple Watch SE for $279 (USD).


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