Apple Watch ECG Feature To Become Available In Canada


Canadian users will start getting the ECG feature for their Apple Watch Series 4, but the exact date is yet to be disclosed.

Apple Watch ECG Feature

An Apple spokeswoman recently issued a statement to Canadian Press regarding the ECG feature in Apple Watch Series 4s, saying that the company is working “as quickly as possible” to implement the feature to Canadian Apple Watch users.

The news came shortly after Health Canada issued the tech giant licenses for their ECG Apple Watch functions. License 102866 and 102864 referred to Irregular Rhythm Notification and ECG app respectively. It’s worthy to note that irregular heart rhythm is a feature that’s available in older Apple Watch models.

Previous reports state that Apple had been trying to secure regulatory permission in Canada, but Health Canada denied any claims, saying they haven’t received any applications for the Apple Watch Series 4.

The ECG feature launched December 2018, several months after the Watch Series 4 was released to the public.


Haider Ali Khan

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