First gen Apple Glass will be slow, leaks suggest

Jon Prosser, the noted Apple leakster revealed that Apple will be releasing its first set of augmented reality (AR) glasses in 2021. According to him, just like the first generation Apple Watch, the Apple Glass will very likely be slow as well.

It took almost two to three for the Apple Watch to actually turn into an useful independent gadget. Initially, it completely relied on the iPhone for data processing and running of the apps as well. According to Prosser, the first generation of Apple glasses will totally depend on the iPhone as well for the majority of the processing.

After the release of the Apple Watch, the company started opening up the smartwatch to developers, so that they could create apps that would run totally on the watch. At present, Apple Watch is the best smartwatch in the industry and there is no Android smartwatch that comes close to matching the Apple Watch.

Apple Glass will reportedly cost $499 – a sweet price point for the masses. However, it being the first generation product, there will be higher costs for research & development. Apple’s strategy with most of its products has been to improve it over the course of the time and in some cases, reduce the price as the tech becomes standard.

We expect the Apple Glass to offer very limited features. However, as developers start to develop new apps for it and in-turn Apple will also make money by charging a fee. We could also expect the product to turn more advanced in the future or it turn cheaper – depends on the route Apple will plan to take.

The famed leakster Prosser also added that after Apple reveals its augmented reality (AR) glasses, they will not ship for a year or so. Major tech companies take the same route: unveil the product, get developers to create experience for it, and then release it to the public.

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