A Massachusetts woman credits her Apple Watch for saving her life. The Boston Globe reported that the woman was paddle boarding at the Nahant Beach when winds started blowing her out to sea. She then called 911, where a Lynn, Massachusetts fire department dispatcher answered and took action.

Apple Watch Series 4

Within the 911 call, The Boston Globe was able to catch details that the woman was drifting further away from the shore. In the audio recording, the woman expressed embarrassment over having to call 911 as she was being swept out. The dispatcher then mentioned that making the call sooner rather than later was better.


A police unit was dispatched to the Swampscott pier and rode a harbormaster boat to where the woman was located. Thankfully, the woman was safe and did not sustain any injury.

The Apple Watch has an Emergency SOS feature that can call local emergency numbers. Depending on country and region, you can choose ambulance, fire or police, depending on what you need.


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