Apple Watch helps in In-Flight labor and delivery

A woman who boarded a flight from Utah to Hawaii had given birth in-flight. An Apple Watch was used, among other things to deliver the baby.

Lavinia Mounga did not know she was pregnant until labor kicked in. Fortunately, there were 3 neonatal nurses and a physician who boarded the Delta plane and went into action to keep the baby stable until they reached Hawaii.

Dr. Dale Glenn and the three nurses came up with a plan to keep the infant safe. The baby was premature and born 29 weeks instead of 40, so the staff assembled baby warmers out of microwaved bottles, and an Apple Watch was used to measure the baby’s heart rate.

Once the plane landed Lavinia was transferred to Kapiolani Medical Center and will remain there until the newborn is stable and ready to go home.

The Apple Watch is attributed to saving many lives. In recent news, the device saved a middle schooler in Oklahoma versus a condition called Supraventricular Tachycardia.

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